Hi, I’m Amanda!

Welcome to Sweet Home Acres. First thing’s first, I’m a believer, saved by grace through Jesus. I’m also a wife and a mama of two beautiful children. 

Less than two years ago, I was working as a school counselor; what I had hoped would be my dream career. As it turns out, that wasn’t the case and I found myself longing to spend my days at home with my children. I desired to be present for them, while I pursued something meaningful for our family.

So my husband and I agreed to bring me home from my job. We had plans of course, I was pregnant with our second child and we hoped to move away from the city and out to the country. First we started a family business http://www.sweethomevanilla.com. Then we planted roots in a picturesque town near the mountains in Western Pennsylvania, reminiscent of Stars Hollow- any Gilmore Girls fans out there? We bought a bit of a fixer upper on seven acres and dreamed big as we envisioned cultivating our property into something enchanting.

So here we are, working hard to bring our lofty ambitions to life, loving and learning along the way. Now I spend my days caring for our home and the people who I love the most in it.

I’m inspired by simple living, homemaking and incorporating feminine touches wherever I can. You’ll often find me either in the kitchen, working at home on our small business, or on our front porch rocking chair, imagining our vision for our sweet property. Follow along as I share about thriving at home, purposeful motherhood, and a handcrafted kitchen.

Where you can find me!

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Fun facts about me

  • My family moved around a lot when I was young. I lived in FL, PA, OH, AZ, and VA before finally settling down back in PA.
  • I met my husband at a youth hockey practice. He’s played hockey his whole life and even got me playing on a co-ed league with him for 3 seasons.
  • As a kid I had two main areas of talent and focus; cheerleading and singing. I attended a performing arts school and I have some of my best childhood memories from that time.
  • Most people in my circle would consider me quiet and reserved.